Estimate: Norway earned Tk 27 billion from electricity crisis this year

The Norwegian state has earned NOK 27 billion since the New Year due to the electricity crisis, according to a calculation made by investment director Robert Næss at Nordea for the newspaper VG.

Only part of the revenues has been spent on electricity subsidies.

The investment director has calculated how much extra the state has received due to the extraordinary electricity prices from January 1 to July 19 this year.

The calculation was made at the request of VG. The result shows an additional income of over NOK 38 billion. Part of this has already been spent on electricity support.

“If you deduct the NOK 11 billion that has gone to electricity subsidies so far this year, there is still around NOK 27 billion left,” Næss told the newspaper.

He emphasized that his calculation is an estimate.

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