Tarkeen e Watan is a website designed to cater to the needs of overseas Pakistanis. It provides a platform for the Pakistani diaspora to connect with their homeland and stay informed about the latest news, events, and developments in Pakistan.

The website offers a range of services and features, including news updates, opinion pieces, business and investment opportunities, job listings, and a directory of Pakistani businesses and organizations. It also provides information on travel and tourism, education, healthcare, and other services in Pakistan.

Tarkeen e Watan aims to bridge the gap between overseas Pakistanis and their home country by providing them with a platform to engage with their fellow citizens and contribute to the development of Pakistan. The website also seeks to promote the image of Pakistan and highlight its potential as an investment destination and tourist hotspot.

Overall, Tarkeen e Watan is a valuable resource for overseas Pakistanis who wish to stay connected with their homeland and contribute to its growth and development.


Phone: 0092.321.503.1227

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