Bollywood Star Ananya Panday Joins Forces with CCDT to Empower Girls from Underprivileged Backgrounds

Bandra, Mumbai, Ananya Panday Indian actress, has partnered with the Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) to empower girls from underprivileged backgrounds. Ananya visited CCDT to inspire and support young girls in pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

CCDT, a distinguished NGO based in Bandra, Mumbai, is dedicated to advancing the national and state agenda of providing equal opportunities to all children and their families while safeguarding their rights to live with dignity.

As part of the initiative, ten girls were supported to participate in the #DreamsTakeFlight activity, where they were encouraged to envision their future goals and aspirations. Each participant was provided with “Dream Sheets” to articulate their dreams and discuss their aspirations. Ananya, along with dedicated teachers from CCDT, engaged with the girls, guiding them on how to turn their dreams into achievable goals.

During the activity, the girls shared their ambitions, ranging from learning different languages to mastering computer skills, all with the aim of pursuing higher education and fulfilling their career aspirations. One girl expressed her desire to learn various languages to facilitate her future endeavors in business management, while another aspired to enhance her computer literacy to broaden her opportunities in the digital age.

Moved by their determination and spirit, Ananya pledged her support to the cause by making a donation of 16 Lacs, a one-time investment aimed at providing the girls with resources and opportunities to pursue their dreams.

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