Conducting Stop the Human Trafficking Worldwide Seminar

LONDON : Chairman Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Raja Sikander Khan speech at the Stop the Human Trafficking Worldwide seminar stated that we should as individuals be vigilant at all times and if we see any suspious activiiies of the human trafficking or human slavery victims we should inform the concerning authorities and also do even any small our efforts to help stop the human trafficking and modern day slavery, it would certainly make an impact on the multi billion dollar human trafficking trade worldwide and also Raja Sikander Khan emphasised on the experts on stop the human trafficking to hold seminars in educational institutes such as schools and colleges to create awareness to most volunarable targets of human trafficking.

Chairman Raja Sikander Khan invited on stage Dr Farooq Khan to receive his Special Certificate of appreciation award in recognition of his dedication, contribution and consultation services to Global Pak Kashmir supreme Council and general public as whole, as well for his contribution in charity work nationwide.

Dr Farooq Khan is a PhD Doctor and has worked as a economist consultant and advisor to British and European Government for almost 20 years, also Dr Farooq Khan has only last week won an award of the best British accountant company out of eleven thousand accountant companies.

Amongst the speakers on Stop the Human Trafficking Worldeide were

Sheikh Dr Ramzy ,Director of Oxford Islamic Information Center, Justice For Rohingya UK, Stop Human Trafficking, Justice For Gaza & Oxford City For Sanctuary,Capt Ali Javed – Director of STW, Pilot and peace advocate,Dr Saf Buxy – Director of STW, Addiction Specialist, Author, Speaker, TV, Radio and Social Media personality,Dr Arthur Cassidy – Academic, Mental Health Expert and Celebrity Psychologist,Keith Best Former Member of British Parliament,Mary Shuttleworth – Youth for Human Rights,Edna Fernandes – Beyond Conflict,Dr Farooq Khan,Fotiny Gudela,,Ben Israel,Lady Kendal Jagger and Lord Duncan Macnair – Peaceful Planet.

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