“We stand together”Pakistan Association Dubai organized the 51st National Day of UAE

Special participation of Pakistani Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Consul General Hasan Afzal Khan and CEO of Community Development Authority Dr. Umarul Muthana

Participation of consulate and embassy officers of Philippines, Cuba, Ireland, Algeria, Nepal, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Senegal, Romania, Panama, Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic and Malaysia


Dubai (Tahir Munir Tahir) Pakistan Association celebrated its UAE National Day celebrations with great enthusiasm at the Pakistan Auditorium in Dubai.It was done to celebrate 51 years of UAE as our second home and to commemorate 51 years of shared historical alliance between UAE and Pakistan. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Ambassador of Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates, attended as the chief guest.

Other distinguished guests include Consul General of Pakistan Hasan Afzal Khan, and Community Development Authority Dr Umar Al Muthana. Officers from the consulates and embassies of the Philippines, Cuba, Ireland, Algeria, Nepal, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Senegal, Romania, Panama, Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic and Malaysia were present.

The CEO CDA, Dr. Umar Al Muthana, UAE delivered an important keynote speech to recognize the UAE as one of the fastest growing economies in the world and appreciated PAD’s role in the success and rapid growth of the UAE economy. Amid Dubai’s growth, PAD has been one of the fastest-changing associations over the past decade.

In the last 11 months alone, PAD has organized more than 60 events in various fields including sports, education, language, health awareness and more. The gathering was a means to celebrate our glorious past, give thanks for the present, and envision and plan for the future. We took the opportunity to establish a vision of the future that aims to work together with the UAE.

Across the sectors of healthcare, education, social cohesion, and overall community well-being, we presented a visual representation of how the Pakistani community is working together to build a sustainable future for the UAE. Will continue to support. Students of Pakistan Islamia School Sharjah then enlivened the event with an energetic cultural Arabic dance performance to entertain the guests.

On behalf of the Pakistani community, PAD President Dr. Faisal Ikram congratulated the people and residents of the UAE while addressing the celebrations, calling the UAE the number one destination in the world. He said that UAE is a land of peace, prosperity and endless possibilities.

The amazing vision of the UAE leadership has brought together cultures and communities to build a society of tolerance and diversity. Dr. Faisal Ikram thanked the local authorities for their continued support and reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to strengthen our joint partnership with the UAE. Distinguished members of the Emirati community from the fields of healthcare, wellness, public service, entrepreneurship and other fields joined our special evening and their contribution to the success of the Emirates and strengthening Pakistan-UAE relations.

Admitted. Mr. Hamad Bakhit Al Maithi of Emirates Red Crescent Humanitarian Organization, Mr. Yusuf Yatim of Dar Al Bar Society, Charity Organization, Dubai Cares, UAE, by Mr. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, for his exceptional work in his respective fields. Ms. Mada Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director Programs, International Welfare Organization based in Dubai, and Major Salah Al Mazrui, Manager, K9 Unit Dubai, Dubai Police Global Police Force, were presented with honorary shields.

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