Pakistan Embassy Hosts Vibrant Reception to Celebrate Pakistan Day

Dublin:  As part of the vibrant celebrations marking Pakistan Day, the Embassy hosted a grand reception on March 5th, 2024, drawing a diverse crowd of dignitaries, officials, and members of the Pakistani Irish community. The event served as a platform to underscore the growing ties between Pakistan and Ireland across various spheres.

The reception saw a notable turnout, with attendees including prominent figures from Irish political leadership, Senators, TDS, officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs, representatives from the private sector, businesses, and members of the Pakistani Irish community. Minister Dara Calleary graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, adding prestige to the festivities.

In her address, the Ambassador emphasized the significance of Pakistan Day and highlighted the burgeoning bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Ireland. She welcomed the establishment of the first-ever Irish resident Mission in Islamabad, expressing confidence in its role in strengthening bilateral relations.

Additionally, she commended the Pakistani Irish community for their contributions to Ireland’s economic development and the promotion of bilateral cooperation.

Minister Calleary echoed these sentiments, extending warm national day felicitations and expressing satisfaction with the pace of growing bilateral cooperation.

He emphasized the importance Ireland attaches to Pakistan, citing the opening of the Irish resident Mission in Islamabad as a testament to this commitment. The Minister also expressed optimism for enhanced parliamentary cooperation between the two countries in the future.

The reception served as a testament to the deepening ties between Pakistan and Ireland, with both sides expressing optimism for further collaboration and mutual prosperity. As the celebrations concluded, participants joined in echoing the sentiment: “Long live Pakistan!”

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