On October 27, a peaceful protest was organized under the supervision of Prof. Malik Musarat Shaukat Awan, Chairman of Kashmir Affairs Committee Austria

VIENNA : October 27 Black Kashmir Day Rally A peaceful protest was organized at Folks Garden Vienna under the supervision of Prof. Malik Musrat Shaukat Awan, Chairman of Kashmir Affairs Committee Austria.

Apart from the Pakistani, Kashmiri community, Austrian, Egyptian and Turkish communities also participated in the protest and expressed solidarity with the Kashmiri people.

Protesters carried Kashmiri flags, placards and banners in the demonstration. Prof. Malik Musarat Shaukat Awan himself organized the demonstration. First, Hafiz Zaryab Idrees recited the Holy Quran.

Allama Ghulam Mustafa Baloch, Professor Musrat Shaukat Awan, Khawaja Mohammad Naseem, Mohsen Baloch, Umair Malik Awan, Arshad Bajwa and Riaz Sindhu from St. Pölten were among the speakers who spoke on the occasion.

In their speeches, the speakers urged the international community to raise its voice against Indian atrocities and gross violation of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and put pressure on India to resolve the Kashmir issue through UN resolutions.

Indian-occupied Kashmir is currently the world’s largest prison and there is a series of lockdowns, curfews, educational institutions and communication shutdowns. It has been three years since the lockdown. He had more to say.

At no moment did the Pakistani leadership forget the pain of Kashmiris, because the leader says that Kashmir is the artery of Pakistan. In the end, Qari Shabbir offered a special prayer for the freedom of Kashmiris and for the martyrs of Kashmir.

At the end of the protest, Professor Malik Musarat Shaukat Awan thanked all the people for coming to the protest and rally.

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