Meera Performance In NYC To Raise Money For Flood Victims

Meera performed in road dance shows in the US for collecting donations for flood victims in Pakistan

NEW YORK : Meera, a famous actress of the Pakistani film industry, is currently residing in the US, but the miseries of the Pakistanis surrounded by floods did not allow her to be in her comfort zone.

Actress Meera, while contributing to the relief of the flood victims, has taken up the task of helping the flood-hit citizens in Pakistan while staying in the US, for which social media users are appreciating her immensely.

Actress Meera has shared a video on Instagram in which she was dancing on a Pakistani movie song ‘Beja Kool Mahiya’ on a stage built on a road in America.

She wrote in the caption of the video that she is collecting funds for flood victims. Actress Meera is being highly appreciated by the netizens for her initiative.

The majority of Instagram users appreciated the initiative of actress Meera and wrote that Meera is doing what she can for the flood victims to the extent of her own self. One user wrote that she is using her talent to collect funds for the flood victims but not begging like the Pakistani rulers.

Another user wrote, “I have no words for this lady, I have more respect for her, at least she is thinking about these people and doing what she can. Some people would do nothing nor even give a glass of water to family members in a difficult time. At least she is doing something, a user said.

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