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Islamabad, February 26, 2024 (TW) – The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) launched two reports: ‘Climate Resilient Settlement Planning’ and ‘Protection of Housing, Land and Property Rights (HLP) for Flood Affected Populations’. The event was graced by Mr. Ahmad Kamal, Chief and Chairman Federal Flood Commission; Mr. Mohammed Adam, Country Manager, Catholic Relief Services, Pakistan; Mr. Najaf Malik Khan, COO, SPHF; Dr. Tanveer Ahmad, National Focal for Energy and Climate, UNHCR;  and Mr. Minar Thapa, National Coordinator, SHRRP.

Mr. Jawed Ali Khan, Habitat Programme Manager at UN-Habitat welcomed participants to the event, highlighting the genesis of the initiative which emerged as a response to the devastating floods of 2022.Mr. Khan introduced the reports on Climate Resilient Settlement Planning, emphasizing its role as a repository for well-informed, evidence-based knowledge on current and potential causes of floods. This report seeks to facilitate the development of local climate adaptation plans, fostering flood-resilient settlement planning at local, provincial, and national levels.

In addition, Mr. Khan introduced the second report on Facilitating Access to and Protection of Housing, Land, and Property Rights (HLP) for Flood Affected Populations. This document aims to build a social infrastructure through a countrywide network of trained lawyers and activists. These individuals will provide grassroots-level support to distressed populations in securing their housing, land, and property rights.

Mr. Ahmad Kamal, Chairman Federal Flood Commission expressed gratitude for the opportunity to address the audience. Mr. Kamal shared valuable insights on the causes of recurring floods, underscoring the significance of UN-Habitat’s work on protection of Housing, Land and Property Rights. In addition, he emphasized the potential of this initiative to minimize the effects of disasters on vulnerable communities particularly women and marginalized groups.

Dr. Tanveer Ahmad, UNHCR emphasized the critical importance of these reports in addressing the challenges faced by flood-affected populations. He highlighted the need for comprehensive strategies that integrate housing rights protection and climate resilience. In addition, he commended the establishment of People’s Support Forums (PSFs) to enable stakeholders to maximize their effectiveness in advocating for HLP rights and supporting the flood-affected populations. Mr. Najaf Malik explained the ongoing work of SPHF for sustainable resettlement of the flood affectees. Mr. Mohammed Adam, Catholic Relief Services, Pakistan appreciated the work done by UN-Habitat. Mr. Adam stated this as a crucial step to ensure the sustainability of interventions in flood-affected districts of Pakistan. Additionally, he stated that if settlements are planned this way, they will pave the way for long-term protection of HLP rights and promote resilience building in the face of future disasters. 

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