It is said that humanity has no religion. Actually, there is no truth in this.February 5 Kashmir Solidarity Day:

It is said that humanity has no religion. Actually, there is no truth in this. Humanity is Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Hindu. And with us, humanity is divided into many other classes as well, the communal humanity is apart from the linguistic and regional division of this spirit.

Yes, humanity has religion, sect and language. My pen works to awaken humanity. From the e-mails I receive, I can see that the number of readers of my column is increasing day by day. As soon as the column is printed, the e-mails from Austria and different countries are stopped. They include mails opposing my views, but the vast majority of mails are messages of praise for my columns and support of the points raised in the writing. I make the common man’s pain and suffering a subject in my writings, so it’s nice to know that people are not actually praising me, but are echoing my voice. This is how the spirit of humanity within me is fulfilled. I am glad that the purpose of my life is being fulfilled to some extent, that my words may serve to awaken humanity in some people.

People watch, read and then skim past. Beliefs are heavy on humanity, if a person of other faith is suffering, the person who is very close to him and can help him, will also turn away thinking why should I help another faith, die.

People are dying and I’m just turning pages. Humanity is no more, only groups painted in different colors remain. How can I explain to my loved ones that if there are no human beings, then where will faiths, languages, colors and races be?

February 5 is known as Kashmir Solidarity Day – every year in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir this day is declared as a public holiday to tell the world that Kashmir and Pakistan are one and the same and their sorrows, joys and sorrows are all shared.

In Jammu Kashmir, the wolves of the Indian army are quenching their hunger and thirst with blood and flesh, and the country’s specific population is already being massacred.

It is with great regret that I am writing this column that there is no solution to the atrocities that are happening to the people of Jammu Kashmir and Palestine. Although I am also very sad about Palestine. Jammu Kashmir is called Paradise. In Jammu Kashmir, children, old people, women, men, young people, there is no eye that does not cry, how many funerals have taken place and we are sitting silently.

This is very welcome and for this the entire Kashmiri nation is grateful to the people of Pakistan and their government that there is someone in the world who (apparently) is calling them his own – (I am very sorry) The people of Kashmir are the most unfortunate nation in the world, which has been continuously grinding in the mill of slavery for centuries. And he never thought of himself as a slave-
After the Mughal invasion in 1586 to the 21st century, even after this longest period of centuries of slavery has passed, this nation is still suffering from stagnation. It is different that the atrocities and occupation of Kashmiris actually started on March 16, 1846 when the Crown of Britain (East India Company) sold Kashmir and millions of Muslims living in it to Raja Gulab Singh for Rs 750,000. The Muslim population started protesting against this illegal “sale” at individual and local level from day one. In 1931, for the first time, the Kashmiri Muslims launched a regular movement against this oppression, which the Maharaja Hari Singh of that time used full force to crush.

As a result, thousands of Muslims were martyred and injured, which led to the creation of the “Glance Commission” whose report (published in April 1932) recognized that the majority population of the valley, the Muslims, were not only deprived of basic human rights. Rather, they are subjected to unnecessary and immense violence. In 1932, Sheikh Abdullah and Ghulam Abbas founded the “Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference”, the name of which was changed to “National Conference” in 1939. In 1941, Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas separated from the National Conference and revived the Muslim Conference and started the struggle for the freedom of Kashmir along with the Pakistan Muslim League. In July 1946, the Maharaja promised that the people of Kashmir (Muslims) would decide their own future. In the elections held in January 1947, the people of Kashmir declared their decision about their future by winning 19 out of 21 seats to the Muslim Conference. On July 19, 1947, a convention of the Muslim Conference was held in which the Maharaja of Kashmir was demanded to join Pakistan.

But despite this, the non-Muslim Raja of Kashmir did not declare its accession to Pakistan at the time of partition of India. Forced, the Kashmiri people started the armed struggle for the freedom of Kashmir on August 23, 1947 under the leadership of Sardar Abdul Qayyum. On September 30, 1947, Nehru said that the people of Kashmir and other states should be given the right to decide their future through a referendum, but Nehru’s declaration was another false promise, and on the night of October 26, 1947, the Maharaja of Kashmir passed away in the dark of night. I announced the accession to India. And the very next day the Indian army entered Kashmir. On October 27, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ordered General Douglas Gracey to allow Pakistani forces to enter Kashmir and confront the Indian Army.

General Gracie refused to obey the orders of his Governor General. But the Kashmiri people continued their freedom struggle on their own (with the help of some tribes). On December 31, India took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations Security Council. Resolutions (No. 38, 39, 47) were approved in the United Nations, in which it is said that the Kashmiri people should be given the right to self-determination. India once again promised the international community to do the same, but as usual reneged. 1965 Operation Gibraltar, and the main reason for the Indo-Pak War was Kashmir.

In 1972, it was once again stated in the Shimla Agreement that India and Pakistan would resolve the Kashmir issue according to the aspirations of the people, but instead of fulfilling this repeated promise, in February 1975, Sheikh Abdullah signed a “peace treaty” with Indira Gandhi. He accepted the position of the Chief Minister of Kashmir by signing the Black Agreement and traded the aspirations and freedom of millions of Kashmiri Muslims for personal interest and position. Today, when most of the nations of the world are busy trying to make the world peaceful by solving their problems and many geographical conflicts of the world have been resolved, one of the most important and unresolved global conflicts is “Kashmir” which has been going on since 1947.

It has led to more than three wars between Pakistan and India. No matter how much cricket or trade is done, and no matter how many agreements and “back channel diplomacy” is done, until the Kashmir issue is resolved, neither India-Pakistan relations can return to normal nor can lasting peace be established in the region. It is possible. The previous governments of India were at least realistic enough to recognize Kashmir as an unresolved conflict. On the contrary, the policy of the present government of India is based on lies, hypocrisy and illegitimate and baseless ambitions.

The Modi government refuses to consider Kashmir as a global issue. According to him, Pakistan has nothing to do with the issue of Kashmir and there is no room to talk to Pakistan in this regard, but they are not ready to talk to the Kashmiris either. However, the current younger generation of Occupied Kashmir, who are raising their voice against India’s illegal occupation and atrocities, consists of the youth who were born after the partition of India. Neither Pakistan nor any pro-Pakistan leader has created the hope of freedom from Indian domination in their hearts, but these people are unhappy with their situation with India and are demanding the basic human right to decide their own future. They want a future that is free from Indian dominance.

Do the extremist rulers of India have any answer to the fact that if the problem of Kashmir does not exist (according to the Modi government), then India will spend millions to keep these Kashmiris in the chains of slavery in this region. Why is there a need to keep the army and paramilitary forces and to enforce numerous dark laws, which have no such thing as law at all? The country that claims to be the world’s largest democracy, instead of giving basic human rights and the democratic right to decide their own future to the oppressed Kashmiri people, called their desire for freedom as “terrorism”. is busy trying to throw dust in his eyes. And on the other hand, every drop of blood of every martyr flowing in the valley of Kashmir is asking every human being of this “civilized world” that when Kashmir will be lucky to celebrate “Kashmir Independence Day”?

Be sure to read and pay attention:

The role of Pakistan’s armed forces is very important to highlight the seriousness of the Kashmir issue, the working boundary or the Line of Control, or the highest battlefront of Siachen, the officers and soldiers of the Pakistan Army show solidarity with the Kashmiris by giving their blood. Kashmir has become a nuclear flashpoint after Indian actions on August 5, 2019. India, violating its own constitution and trashing the Security Council resolutions, ended the special status of Kashmir and made it its own. Integrated into geography. Kashmiri leaders were imprisoned and telephone and Wi-Fi services were suspended to cut off Kashmiris from the rest of the world. India first committed military aggression in Kashmir after independence, armed by Pakistan.

The forces freed a large part of Kashmir from the Indian occupation by sacrificing their lives. Whenever India made an adventurous plan against Azad Kashmir, the armed forces of Pakistan gave a brutal response. A year ago, Abhinandan’s plane was shot down and proved to the world that Pakistan’s armed forces can crush any aggression by India. The importance and need of Kashmir increases. Pakistani nation and Kashmiri Muslims express solidarity on February 5th every year.

I am tired of writing but I am not running out of words.
Thank you all for reading my column and I pray for you guys that you guys stay happy wherever you are.
Thank you!

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