ILA congratulates Mohsin Raza Malik on becoming President of International Lawyers Association

We, at the International Lawyers Association (ILA), are thrilled to announce the appointment of Mr. Mohsin Malik as our esteemed President for the term commencing 22 July 2023, to 21 July 2024.

A highly renowned Solicitor of England & Wales at Law & Co Solicitors, Mr. Malik’s outstanding expertise, leadership and capabilities are poised to drive our organization towards realizing our mission and objectives. He is committed to enhancing the impact of our work globally. His skills in fostering links between legal practitioners of different jurisdictions, his commitment to promoting the rule of law and speedy justice, his focus on high standards of legal education, and his passionate advocacy against human rights violations in alliance with UN Human Rights and ECHR are all attributes that perfectly align with the values we uphold at ILA.

As we warmly welcome Mr. Malik, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our former President, Mr. Safdar Iqbal, for his exemplary leadership and dedication during his tenure. Mr. Iqbal has set an incredibly high threshold of commitment and excellence that has significantly contributed to the accomplishment of our organization’s objectives. His influence will continue to be felt in the progression of ILA.

Mr. Mohsin Malik, carrying the legacy of Mr. Safdar Iqbal, is ready to lead us on a path of growth, engagement, and global impact. As he takes the helm at ILA, we are confident that he will continue the rich tradition of leadership and dedication in the pursuit of our goals.

In accordance with article 12 of the Articles of Association of the Company, this decision comes with the full endorsement of our board of directors, reflecting our unanimous confidence in Mr. Malik’s capabilities and vision.

We look forward to an exciting year under Mr. Malik’s dynamic leadership and extend our heartfelt congratulations to him on this well-deserved appointment.

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