Hurricane Fiona wreaks havoc in eastern Canada

As Hurricane Fiona rips through parts of Atlantic Canada, many people are feeling shaken up.

Catherine McNutt describes the storm as one of the worst she has ever seen with lots of fallen trees, pools of water, and fallen telephone poles lying visible outside her window Saturday morning.

McNutt said she and her partner were feeling pretty worried.

“A little bit of panic,” said McNutt. “But I mean overall, we’re feeling pretty good. We’re glad it’s over now.”

Hundreds of thousands of people were affected by the storm that passed over Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

“We have enough food for at least 72 hours,” said McNutt. “That was what was asked of us but we couldn’t find a lot of things when we went to our storm prep. There were no generators. There was no butane stove.”

McNutt said she and her partner have been relying on a neighbour’s generator for power because theirs has been out since the storm hit and they suspect it could be a while before their power gets restored.

“I’m not going to have power till Monday, probably. So we have to like preserve our phones, everything,” said McNutt.

McNutt said she regained power briefly for fifteen minutes early Saturday morning, only for it to go out once again. She said she was sad to see much of the destruction around Nova Scotia.

“I will say, last night I got up out of bed like five times to check to make sure that there was no flooding because we did get quite a bit of rain,” said McNutt. “Now we just have to focus on just being cool for a couple of days until we get our power back and everything like that.”

While McNutt is stuck inside, her partner is putting in 12-hour days at the hospital to help existing patients and other individuals recover.

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