Do politicians have better morals than other people?

What I am writing is some of my experiences, I hope you all like it.
First of all I want to thank all the politicians who gave me their time in Austria.Especially those who are involved H E President of Austria, H E Chancellor of Austria, Ministers, Mayors and some senior young politicians.

Some previous experiences and situations!

Suddenly a different train of thought appeared in my mind from some previous experiences and situations I had with people and I spontaneously said that politicians are not bad, they are the rays of light in the dark night. I would like to say with regard to Stria that a politician has the courage that a person belonging to every walk of life, be it a porter, a shopkeeper, a junior civil servant, a student of a school. A factory worker or a farmer can find his politician at his office (camp) all week, morning, afternoon and evening, even on Christmas Day. You will also get respect and will be served tea etc. with respect and above all they will serve you even if you are a staunch opponent of them. In the light of my experiences, I have come to the conclusion that if someone is always available to serve the public with a smile on his face, bearing the ridicule on himself, then he is called the real messiah, and in today’s age, all these attributes. They are found in the form of a politician. So undoubtedly, when the rest of the ordinary life is studied, the veiled servant cries out that politicians are undoubtedly the messiahs who stand with their people in every suffering. In this society, the world does not listen to anyone and there is darkness, if we can get some light to see our existence and existence, it is only possible with the existence of these politicians and our politicians are the real messiahs. Next, what my pen is writing are some bitter truths, which will make you understand what I am writing and why I am writing it.

Language is the identity of any society!

Language is the identity of any society and people are identified by their language, even language is very important to your integrity. Good language is highly valued. Good and dignified people also maintain the quality of their conversation. They are pleasant. They speak well and use standard words. You can tell a lot about how a person is by using language. And how are their ways or their moral standards, good language represents good culture.

The use of good language is necessary for everyone!

The use of good language is necessary for everyone, but especially when you talk about your leaders, they need to be very careful in this matter because they are the people who represent you and your culture. Represented everywhere. But when these same people start using such language that you feel ashamed to hear but the speaker doesn’t care a bit, then you should assess the situation there. There was a time when political parties had no matter how many differences and they openly objected to each other’s political policies in their statements but refrained from attacking each other’s personalities, which had the advantage of making them suffer. They were seen together on the occasions of and this was good for the country and the nation. But now in this era of social media, where we have got immense freedom that we can openly express our opinion whenever we want, bad culture has also increased. On the one hand, people also use such language and words. They have started doing it openly, which is hurting our culture and our civilization is flying. Our leaders, our representatives also seem to be avoiding ethics. These days, opponents are being shot at on social media and ethics are being tarnished.

Good and dignified people also maintain the quality of their conversation.!

Good and dignified people also maintain the quality of their conversation. And now even the parliament is not spared, it is not understood that the people have sent their representatives in the parliament to represent them so that their problems can be discussed, but here the unparliamentary attitude is kept so much that you start thinking, well You chose them, they were the ones to solve your problems, but how can problems be solved when the problems are not discussed, the whole time is spent putting each other down and arguing with each other. And then everyone goes home and the problems remain as they are, where did the solution come from? This is my opinion, I don’t know if people will agree with me, everyone has their own opinion.

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