UN-Habitat report on Climate-Resilient Settlement Development in Deh Kamangar, Union Council Qazi Arif, Taluka Mehar, District Dadu, Sindh, launched

Karachi, 30th January, 2024 (TW) : The launch of a groundbreaking report focusing on climate-resilient settlement development in Deh Kamangar, Union Council Qazi Arif, Taluka Mehar, District Dadu, Sindh happened today at Mariott Hotel Karachi. Hosted by the Sindh People’s Housing for Flood Affectees (SPHF) in collaboration with the Sindh Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform (SHRRP), technical partners included the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), and AZ NavTeq.

The inauguration ceremony was led by Chief Guest, Shakeel Ahmed Mangnejo, Chairman of Planning and Development Board (P&D), Government of Sindh, who was joined by distinguished figures including CEO of SPHF, Khalid Mehmood Shaikh, Secretary implementation Shahbuddin Ansari, UN-Habitat Programme Manager Jawed Ali Khan, National Coordinator of SHRRP Minar Thapa, and CRS Head Muhammad Adam. The gathering witnessed a comprehensive presentation by Minar Thapa, providing a detailed overview of the initiatives undertaken in Deh Kamangar.

Minar Thapa’s presentation illuminated the socio-economic survey conducted by UN-Habitat, shedding light on the nuanced challenges and opportunities inherent in the region’s development landscape. Emphasizing the importance of land entitlement processes, he mentioned the initiation of the process of land titles and the registration of villages, not yet registered. The audience was presented with detailed settlement and vulnerability plans.

In addition, Minar Thapa elaborated on the post-flood recovery and reconstruction efforts, highlighting the adaptive strategies implemented to address the needs of affected communities. A key highlight of the presentation was the unveiling of an interactive dashboard, offering stakeholders real-time insights into household data and infrastructure metrics. Through a virtual walkthrough, attendees were afforded a firsthand glimpse into the intricacies of settlement dynamics, further reinforcing the collaborative spirit underpinning the initiative.

Expressing appreciation for the collective endeavor undertaken by SPHF and its technical partners, the Chief Guest commended the dedication and ingenuity displayed in advancing climate-resilient solutions. With the official inauguration of the report, stakeholders are poised to leverage the insights gained from this endeavor, catalyzing transformative change and development across the region.

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