UK Home Office Announces Visa Fee Increases Across 45 Categories

LONDON : The UK Home Office has issued a notification regarding significant fee hikes across 45 visa categories. The new pricing structure, set to take effect from October 4th, 2023, reflects changes in various visa durations and types.

For those seeking a 6-month visit visa, the fee has been increased by £15, while the fee for a 2-year visit visa will now see a £24 hike.

Applicants looking for longer stays face more substantial increases, with a whopping £101 addition to the fee for a 5-year visa and a substantial £126 increase for a 10-year visit visa.

Settlement visa fees have seen a substantial jump of £308, making settlement in the UK a more expensive prospect. Moreover, the I-LR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) visa fee has surged by £481.

Investor visa applicants will need to budget for an additional £155 in fees, while startup visa applicants will face a £57 hike. The global talent visa fee has also been raised by £93.

Tier 1 visa applicants will experience varying increases, with fees in this category going up from £93 to £155. Notably, Tier 1 Investor visa fees have seen a substantial increase of £246.

Skilled worker visa fees have increased by £94. Those falling under 8 specific categories of skilled workers’ visas will see fees rise by a range of £37 to £141. Seasonal worker visa fees have risen by £39.

Lastly, the fee for acquiring British citizenship has also escalated by £250, impacting individuals seeking to become UK citizens.

These fee adjustments, set to be implemented soon, will have significant implications for individuals considering visas and British citizenship. Prospective applicants are encouraged to stay informed about these changes and plan their immigration processes accordingly.

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