Peaceful protest of Kashmiris and Sikhs outside the Indian High Commission in London

LONDON : World renowned think tank Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Chairman Raja Sikander Khan and organisations Greater London President Raja Husnain Sultan along with their political wing President Agha Tanveer and their Education wing President Professor Shakeel Rehman along with Chairman Pakistan Patriotic Front Chairman Ch Tariq Mahmood, Secretary Information Tehreek e Kashmir UK Rehana Ali along with Kashmiri’s and Sikhs observed the India’s Indenpendent day as black day and protested peacefully outside the Indian High Commission London.

The protest was organised by Global Pak kashmir Supreme Council and Sikhs.

The Kashmiri’s and Sikh protesters displayed banners and plaques and Chanted slogans “India free Kashmir and Khalistan”, “Indian Army out of Kashmir”, “IndiaStop the Human rights voilations in Kashmir” and many other slogans.

Chairman Raja Sikander khan giving statement to media said that India has been carrying out genocide against Kashmiri’s and Sikhs over the past many decades, which has consequently cost hundreds of thousands of innocent human lives and the perpetrators remain unpunished, the forcible denial of the Kashmiri’s and Sikhs fundamental birth right of self determination is a clear breach and violation of United Nations declaration of human rights.

Raja Sikander also appealed to the International community to intervene and pressurise India to stop the human rights voilations in Kashmir and give the birth right of self determination to Kashmiris and Sikhs.

There was a heavy numbers is police presence outside the Indian High Commission but the protest was conducted peacefully.

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