Pakistan’s documentary set to premiere in Italian language as a Finalist

Campania,Italy : A documentary on Afghan displaced children, by award-winning filmmaker from Pakistan, is set for Italian premiere, as a Finalist for the twelfth annual CortoDino Vesuvian Film Festival Dino De Laurentiis 2022; under the aegis of the Esseoesse Cultural Association, Naples, Italy. The festival aims at promoting cinematographic culture through the inclusion of disadvantaged people and the research and promotion of works by talents from Campania, Italy and around the world. The Cortodino Film Festival XII edition will take place from 23 rd to 28th November, 2022.

Twinkling without Shining (Afghans in search of childhood) deals with the bleak reality that war brings disease, displacement and dearth of every thing imaginable. These homeless Afghan children, living in Karachi have become breadwinners for their families back in Afghanistan and pitifully parenting their younger siblings, by sacrificing their own desires and dreams. Khalid Hasan Khan has directed and produced the award-winning documentary, with Mohsin Jaffri and Syed Ovais Ali as executive producers.

The filmmaker told, “Twinkling Without Shining, under Italian title reads Scintillare Senza Brillare (Afghani In Cerca Di Infanzia). The close captioning in ‘Lingua Italiana’ took three months of diligent effort, before it was vetted by the festival’s programming team.” He added, “with four international awards, two honorable mentions and two nominee status, this would be the ninth international screening for Twinkling Without Shining. It would be the first Italian language non-fiction work from Pakistan.”

Khalid Hasan Khan is a producing graduate from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, USA, whose films and documentaries have won 24 international awards, besides being officially screened in over 70, international film festivals, in countries including Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Greece, France, India, Italy, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States.

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