Pakistan’s Ambassador to Norway appeals to Pakistani diaspora to help flood victims in Pakistan

Oslo : In pursuit of continued efforts to mobilize the Pakistani community in Norway for relief of the people affected by floods in Pakistan, the Embassy organized a second meeting of Diaspora comprising of representatives of Pakistani community organizations, social, welfare and religious organizations, prominent diaspora members, Norwegian and Pakistani journalists.

Ambassador Babar Amin briefed the participants about the dire crisis situation stemming from unprecedented rainfall and floods, inundating one third area of the country. He mentioned that the widespread destruction is bringing a humanitarian crisis, whose effects will be felt for months and years to come.

Ambassador mentioned said that the Norwegian government would make a further contribution of NOK 55 ($5.5 million) towards the flood relief efforts in Pakistan, in addition to NOK 25 million ($2.5 million) already announced earlier. Norway’s total contribution would now stand at NOK 80 million ($8 million). While expressing gratitude to the continued support of the Norwegian government and its people at the most difficult times, he informed that efforts are being made to establish cooperation with Norway, for an immediate long-term solution to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

Ambassador also appreciated the community, organisations and charities, who have been at the forefront in responding to the current emergency flood relief needs. He informed that Embassy is planning to hold a fund-raising event on a large scale in the coming days. Requesting their coordination for the fund-raising event, he urged them not only to contribute to flood relief funds but also to raise awareness about this unprecedented disaster. He also lauded the organizations and individuals for their contributions to the Embassy’s account “PM Flood Relief Fund so far, and called on the rest to contribute generously to help flood victims and support flood relief efforts.

The participants assured to further engage the community for a coordinated relief efforts to meet the need for continued humanitarian assistance, to rebuild the lives and communities of their brothers and sisters across the country.

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