“Pakistan Besieged by Democracy”

Battle between good and evil is from the outset. The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil. Unfortunately Pakistan is in the worst grip of mafia in the name of democracy. After knowing the reality of democratic leaders in Pakistan Plato’s saying comes to mind “Democracy leads to anarchy which is mob rule”. Jack Mcdevitte comments on his view that “Plato is correct about democracy. It is essentially mob rule. And when mob gets idea into its collective head, it’s almost impossible to get it out or modify it in any way. That too an era of irresponsible media. This is exact and true example of Pakistan’s situation.

Most people like to relate Jinnah and Khan, as both had similar views for their nation as well. But that’s not it, they have other outstanding similarities which will definitely make us think that “Is history really repeating itself?”

Nature has been very kind towards Pakistan since creation. Despite all efforts by the politicians to engulf still it emerges and sustains. It has deputed khan with same characteristics and personality

Jinnah had a vision for the Muslims of the Sub-continent, he witnessed that how the Muslims were being treated worse than animals in the Sub-continent. It was better than a struggle for a separate nation would be carried out, instead of living other decades or so years under slavery.

Quaid-e-Azam was not accepted as a leader of All India Muslim League because the electorate refused to give a higher Muslim representation. It was a struggle for years, but he never surrendered. Same as Khan has been struggling as the leader of PTI. Initially he was not responded by the public at all, as people made fun of him. However, he never gave up! Just as Quid e Azam, he believed that one day his. consistent efforts will pay him in the long run. He used to say “never give up no matter how hard life gets no matter how much pain you feel, pain will eventually subside, nothing remains forever so keep going and never give up.

Imran Khan found Pakistan as more or less in the same situation as Jinnah had, where the people are being dealt cruelly like slaves under the dishonest mafia covering themselves with dress of democracy, and the people need a leader who will help drive them away from this worst situation. Pakistan should be a true democracy, and the people should stop living under the false hope that the already existing so called leaders would provide them, they won’t. Because their democracy is hypocrisy without limits.

In the name of democracy Pakistan rulers especially in last ten years looted the country like robbers and played havoc. People do not harm enemies the way they have destroyed the systems and economy of the country. When Khan took office in 2018, he inherited a government with a significant budget deficit, challenging debts, and dwindling foreign reserves with foreign loan amounting around 30 thousand billion rupees. His corrupt predecessors responsible for the country’s economic downfall and believes that recovering the looted money will ease the burden on the economy. The corrupt ruling parties have been playing hide and seek and governed the country for ten years under the umbrella of charter of democracy. Hypocrisy and distortion are passing currents under the name of democracy in Pakistan. Khan came out for agitation in 2014 against rigging of the elections of 2013 but all gathered in the parliament to protect each other because they are beneficiaries of the system and democracy. When khan talks I will chase robbers they start hue and cry because hypocrites gets offended by the truth,

During the panama hearing Justice of the Supreme Court addressed Pakistani rulers as Sicilian mafia. Curbing and eliminating them is a hard nut to crack but a dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. It’s a do or die battle between good and evil forces. These forces have penetrated their roots all over and protecting each other. Beyond any doubt Khan is confronted with massive challenges and getting success against them is not an easy thing but history is witnessed when nature decides something then a great demonstration is that raised an individual, unarmed, alone but firm on truth in between Roman and Persian empires and made him the successful leader of the planet and placed him on highest morale grade as source of guidance to the humanity.

If the nature has decided to bestow success to khan it would pave all the ways and clutch the malicious cluster of politicians and mafia. Khan is of the opinion to be sure to put your feet in right place and stand firm. It’s believed that show of these immoral is up and change will occur. Things do not take place overnight rather resolution passes in 1940 and Pakistan comes into existence in 1947 so significant things take time to appear. The power of nature exists in silence and human words can’t encode.

The writer is Cambridgeshire based and natively from islamabad. Being a learner he has focus on global stragic and diplomatic affairs. He is regular writer of different newspapers. Primarily interest in International Relations.

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