Norwegian MP Caught Stealing Sunglasses At Airport Shop

Leader of Norway’s Red Party, Bjørnar Moxnes, is embroiled in a scandal after it emerged that he stole a pair of designer sunglasses from a tax-free store at Oslo Airport.

OSLO : In a surprising incident, Björn Moksnes, a member of the Norwegian parliament and the head of the Marxist party Red, was apprehended for stealing expensive sunglasses from a store within Oslo’s international airport free zone.

Foreign media reports indicate that the 41-year-old Moksnes was caught red-handed after security personnel were alerted by store management upon reviewing CCTV footage. Following the incident, Moksnes was fined 3,000 Norwegian kroner for his theft.

Moksnes claimed that it was an unintentional mistake, stating that he did not have any intention to steal and mistakenly placed the sunglasses in his luggage. However, the authorities did not accept his explanation and proceeded with imposing the fine. In light of his actions, the MP has issued an apology.

This incident involving a public figure serves as a reminder of the consequences that individuals face when engaging in unlawful activities. Regardless of one’s position or affiliation, it is essential to uphold integrity and abide by the law.

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