Norwegian diplomats say she hates Russians-the Ministry of Foreign Affairs apologizes

A video of a Norwegian diplomat complaining about the cleanliness of a Russian hotel and saying he hates Russians is getting a lot of attention. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs apologized for the case.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused Norwegian diplomats of their actions on Saturday after a telegram recording from a security camera scolding staff at a hotel reception.

“I hate Russians. Give me a room. I’m used to cleaning the room. I’m from Scandinavia,” said a diplomat, among other things, in a recording that was watched more than 500,000 times on Saturday afternoon. AFP reports.

“This hotel is scandalous and I think all these people are scandalous,” the woman continued in a recording released by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) on Saturday.

It is unknown when the recording from the hotel reception occurred.

Russian officials say they recognize the episode as an unacceptable expression of hatred, nationalism and alien exclusion and are considering responding to the case.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs apologized for the case and told NRK that the diplomat’s remarks never reflected Norwegian policy or Norway’s attitude towards Russia and the Russians.

“The case is currently being followed up within the ministry,” said Tuva Bogsnes, communications manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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