Leicester Women calls for Unity amid city unrest

LONDON : Women from Asian communities in Leicester have come together to call for unity and say that recent unrest has “torn our community apart.”

It comes after last weekend’s large-scale chaos, which was caused by tensions between mostly young men from the Muslim and Hindu communities.

Police say that 47 people have been arrested and eight people have been charged because of the chaos.

Women of different religions said they wanted to bring people from different groups together.

Rita Patel, a Labour city councillor, was part of the group that put out a statement calling for peace, unity, and action.

It said, “We, Asian women from Leicester, ask the people of this city to come together.”

It said that because of recent events, neighbourhoods and families were “living in fear.”

Ms. Patel said that the women in the group came from different places and faiths.

“We have more in common as communities than that which divides us – women represent that, women profile that – that is why we need to be working together,” she said.

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