Kashmir Diaspora Coalition (KDC) for unified action against India’s terror policy in Occupied Kashmir

Washington, D.C. December 19, 2022 (tarkeen e watan) : “The ongoing all-out war against Kashmiris in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJK) is due to a failure of the international system to ensure justice and freedom on an equitable basis,” the Kashmiri diaspora leadership has said.

Condemning the murder, loot, and destruction of private properties in IoJK by the Indian forces, the Kashmiri Diaspora Coalition (KDC), in a statement on Sunday, called on the international community to wake up to the realities on the ground and act decisively and fast to protect the Kashmir and Kashmiri people against Indian onslaught. “The international community needs to open its eyes on what is happening in IoJK and act fast to hold India accountable for its war crimes,” the KDC said.

The KDC said the military occupation IoJK is pursuing state terrorism to make people surrender their right to self-determination. “The Indian occupation regime has intensified its terror policy in IoJK, killing and injuring innocent people, raiding and looting the public properties. And also indulged in abducting innocent people, bulldozing, and burning homes and other properties of people in IOK on trumped-up charges, a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions and universal human rights. Only a rogue state can pursue such a policy,” said the KDC, adding, “no way can the Indian military succeed in its nefarious designs to break the will of people of Jammu and Kashmir to make them surrender. They have resisted the Indian occupational onslaught since 1947, and their resolve is to take their freedom struggle to a logical conclusion.”

KDC further called upon the United Nations to implement Security Council resolutions giving the people of Jammu and Kashmir the right to self-determination. They also emphasized synergizing the expressions of all concerned Kashmir resistance movements and the Kashmiri diaspora to counter the false Indian narrative of its occupation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr. Ghulam N. Mir, Chairman, KDC and President Washington-based World Kashmir Awareness Forum urged the Kashmiri diaspora to act in unison and take tangible counter steps to halt the demographic terrorism in IoJK; otherwise, the extinction of our nation may be inevitable.”

“The Kashmiri diaspora urges the world community to formulate the Ukraine model of putting sanctions on India for refusing to implement the UNSC resolutions without further delay,” said Dr. Mubeen Shah, Vice Chairman of KDC and President of Istanbul-based Kashmir House.

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