Irish-Pakistani Community in Cork Celebrates 76th Independence Day of Pakistan

The 76th Independence day of Pakistan was celebrated by the Irish Pakistani Community of Cork with the theme Changing Ireland and emerging identities in the context of Irish-Pakistani Identities-1st and 2nd Generations

Cork — August 14, 2023 : In a vibrant and unifying event, the Irish Pakistani Community of Cork celebrated the 76th Independence Day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan at the City Hall chambers Cork.

The event brought together an eclectic mix of attendees, including local dignitaries, community leaders, representatives of law enforcement, and a diverse array of individuals representing various walks of life. Fahmeda Naheed and Usman Sharif, the driving forces behind the Irish Pakistani Community of Cork, spearheaded the celebratory event. Ali, who holds the position of secretary in the group, played a pivotal role in the event’s organization.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Our Land Mayor, Cllr Kieran Mc Carthy, Deputy Lord Mayor Dr. Colette Finn, former Lord Mayor Chris O’Leary, Superintendent John Deasy, Superintendent Conor Dillon, Sgt. Michael O’Connor, Inspector James Hallahan, TD Pádraig O’Sullivan, Mary Clirry, and Cork City PPN Representative Orla. Also in attendance were representatives from An Garda Síochána, community members, artists, doctors, business owners, families, and individuals from the Irish and Pakistani communities.

One notable highlight was the recitation of Quranic verses, marking the first time such an event opened with this spiritual act. Lord Mayor Kieran Mc Carthy led the flag-raising ceremony, and attendees joined in singing both the Irish national anthem and the Pakistani national anthem.

The Theme : Emerging Identities and Unity

The event’s theme centered around “Changing Ireland and Emerging Identities in the Context of Irish-Pakistani Identities: 1st and 2nd Generations.” Speakers addressed the challenges and triumphs faced by second-generation Irish-Pakistani children as they navigate their dual identities. The powerful concept of unity through the anthem “Ireland’s Call” was highlighted as a means of embracing and celebrating a shared sense of belonging, regardless of background.

The celebration also featured a presentation by Usman Sharif, shedding light on Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. Fahmeda Naheed read the poignant poem “If I Were a Cork,” expressing a deep connection to both Ireland and Cork’s unique spirit.

A powerful message of unity was conveyed throughout the event, emphasizing the need to work against racism, promote integration, address social issues, and create inclusive spaces that welcome all members of society. The event aimed to foster a sense of harmony among the diverse communities that call Cork home.

Acknowledgments and Illumination

The organizers expressed gratitude to Cork City Council, Lord Mayor Kieran Mc Carthy’s office, An Garda Síochána, PPN Cork City, and all those who supported the event’s success. The celebration concluded with a warm invitation to the public to witness the illumination of Cork City Hall in the colors of the Pakistani flag from 9 to 10 pm.

The event’s attendees subsequently enjoyed a communal lunch, engaging in conversations that further promoted the spirit of togetherness. This celebration not only marked Pakistan’s Independence Day but also served as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity, promoting integration, and fostering unity within the vibrant city of Cork.

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