G20 member countries should boycott the event in Occupied Kashmir:Raja Sikandar Khan

LONDON : World renowned think tank Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Chairman Raja Sikander khan giving statement to journalists today urged the G20 member countries to boycott the forthcoming event being hosted by India in Srinagar in Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmir as kashmir is not part of India but rather its a disputed territory which India illegally occupied in 1947 by use of force.

Ever since the illegal occupation of Kashmir the Kashmiris have suffered atrocities and human rights voilations by the hands of brutal Indian Armed Forces and they continue to commit the human rights voilations on innocent people of  Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmir, people of Illegally Indian occupied Kashmir are still denied their basic birthrights of human rights.

The illegally Indian Occuoied Kashmir is the only place on Earth which has the highest ratio of Military zone area according to the total population which is about 12.5 million and the armed forces consists of about one million which becomes the highest percentage of military zone area on the plant.

We humbaly request to the G20 member countries to please boycott the upcoming even in Srinagar Kashmir  as these G20 member countries believe in supremacy of human rights and these G20 countries should not ignore the worst human rights voilations and abuses in Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmir by the brutal Indian Armed Forces.

Raja Sikander in his concluding remarks urged the G20 member countries to please not just to attend the G20 meeting but in fact pressurise India and persuade India to stop the human rights voilations and grant the people of Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmir their fundamental birth right of self determination so that they can live freely and as according to their aspirations.

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