Five Migrants Among Six Killed in Car Crash Near Greece-Turkey Border

ATHENS: In a tragic incident near the Greece-Turkey border, a car carrying ten migrants crashed into a four-wheel drive, killing five migrants and the Greek driver of the SUV.

The accident occurred on a highway near the border when the car carrying migrants was travelling at high speed on the wrong side to avoid a police checkpoint.

The other five migrants and the driver of their vehicle sustained injuries and were rushed to the hospital.

The nationalities of the migrants have not been confirmed yet. Thousands of migrants have been transiting into Greece from Turkey in recent years, hoping to reach Western Europe.

With the increase in patrols in the Aegean Sea, it has become difficult for migrants to reach Greek islands, leading them to take their chances by crossing the Evros River, a natural mainland border, and then have traffickers take them from there by road.

Unfortunately, there has been an increasing number of accidents similar to Saturdays, highlighting the risks that migrants take to reach their destinations.

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