Demonstration in favor of Palestinian Muslims in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

VIENNA : Despite the restrictions of the Vienna police, thousands of people came out in favor of Palestine on the streets.

Police banned a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Vienna that was scheduled to take place a few hours earlier on Wednesday evening.

Despite this, thousands of protesters gathered at Stephansplatz and chanted pro-Palestine slogans. A large number of women, children and men participated in the protest and raised slogans in favor of Palestine.

Demonstrators said that Israel, which has been oppressing Muslims for a long time, now it is time for them to be held accountable. It is in favor of Palestine and it is our duty to end this oppression.

The crowd later tried to move towards Schwedenplatz but was stopped by the police. Police Chief Gerhard Pristel announced at a press conference called on short notice late Wednesday afternoon that the rally would be banned.

Pürstl said the move was “legitimate and necessary” to maintain public safety. This is necessary to prevent violent conflicts in the Middle East from taking to the streets of Vienna.

We will not let this conflict take to the streets of Vienna.

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