Asghar Shah Portsmouth city councillor, making Pakistanis Proud and setting up new levels for others

Portsmouth CITY : Asghar Shah city councillor has been nominated the best 50 people of Independent list 2022 who made changes to people’s lives by improving , helping and supporting them with different charitable work.

A small story about his continued work.

Food Hub
Cllr. Shah has been organising the Peace Centre food bank across the city & Havant borough since 2017.

He has been recruiting a team of volunteers for different charitable activities which includes delivering Food parcels to those who can’t travel due to no transport, disability, or vulnerability, prepare food parcels inside Hub, Restocking, Registering, and pickup donations from different areas of Portsmouth, Havant and surrounding areas.

The community-based food hub is supported by Local residents, and supermarkets around the city.

Food Hub estimates to serve around 35 vulnerable families on a weekly basis, most of whom have young children, homeless people, Disables, elderly and many more.

Litter Picking
He also runs Litter picking on a monthly basis to clean streets of Havant and Portsmouth with a team of volunteers.

Monthly Coffee morning
monthly coffee morning i set up by him across the north of the city and Havant with a team of volunteers to give a chance to senior citizen to enjoy coffee mornings with others to take away the feel of loneliness and meet other senior citizens . “He sacrificed most of his time to the community, as he believed that the most expensive thing in this world nowadays is time, and he would like to share that with the community and encourage others to do the same to make world the best place to live in.

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