ATHENS:How Nicoletta’s cell phone helped police catch her Pakistani killer

ATHENS:The mobile phone of 17-year-old Nicoletta was the one that betrayed the 22-year-old Pakistani, who was arrested for her murder in the bedroom of her house in the western Athens neighbourhood of Peristeri on Monday night.

The young Pakistani, initially misreported as being 30-years-old and who has been in the hands of police since the early hours of Saturday morning, arrived as the prosecutor’s office at approximately midday.

According to Proto Thema, the authorities tracked down the 22-year-old, who fled the country with his own mobile phone and the victim’s.

Specifically, the digital print from his own cell phone showed that he moved towards Northern Greece, while police had information that the young man was going to try to leave the country – this is why an international arrest warrant was issued.

Having now switched off his own mobile phone when he crossed into North Macedonia, the 22-year-old opened the victim’s smartphone which did not have a sim card. However, the authorities managed to locate the signal through specific mobile applications that had access to the location of the device.

North Macedonian authorities apprehended the murderer and handed him over to their Greek counterparts.

Another detail about tragedy was revealed by the victims mother, particularly about the dozens of threatening messages the teenager received that police allegedly found on her mobile phone.

As the 17-year-old’s mother pointed out, Nicoletta was receiving threats from her Pakistani partner and revealed that a few days ago she asked to break up with him, thus giving a potential reason why he allegedly killed her.

Speaking to the Alpha news bulletin, Nicoletta’s mother stated that “They weren’t fighting. She was fine, but lately she wanted to break up. She didn’t want it any more.”

Continuing, she does not hide her anger, stressing: “He killed my child and took my soul. I only ask for justice.”

Regarding the time of the murder, she revealed: “I was at work, we were working together. I called her on the phone and she didn’t pick up. She wasn’t answering.”

“I sent the guys from the store to see why she didn’t come to work and why she wasn’t answering. We could not enter the house because Nicoletta had the keys. At noon, before I left for work, I saw her. She was sleeping.

“I left at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. After 5 o’clock everything happened.”

It seems that the 17-year-old had received dozens of threatening messages on her mobile phone from her 22-year-old partner, who was initially and falsely reported as being 30-years-old. The 22-year-old is considered the main suspect.

According to a report, these threatening messages emerged from the first retrieval of the 17-year-old’s mobile phone data by the officers of the Department of Prosecution of Crimes Against Life.

What follows is the most detailed exploration of the electronic evidence by the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department.

According to the report, these messages were sent a few days before her murder and after the girl told the Pakistani that she wanted to break up and asked for the keys of her house be returned.

The 22-year-old, whose traces are still being sought by police, seems to have become particularly aggressive and sent threats, refusing to break up.

It was previously reported that for a time the Pakistani man was living with Nicoletta, her sister and her mother, and for this reason he was given a key to the apartment.

Evidence from the forensic report showed a criminal act with death by suffocation. In addition to his two hands, the Pakistani also used a cloth to suffocate her.

The Pakistani was born on July 23, 2001, he has a height of 1.68 and his first name is Ahsan, initially reported as Sani/Sunni.

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