Annual Pakistan Ambassador Golf Cup 2023 Strengthens Bonds Between Irish and Pakistani Communities

Powerscourt, Ireland :  July 9, 2023


The Annual Pakistan Ambassador Golf Cup 2023, a prestigious event aimed at fostering friendship and camaraderie between the Irish and Pakistani communities living in Ireland, took place on July 9th at the scenic Powerscourt golf course.

The tournament, initiated by former Pakistan Ambassador Mr. Shuja Alam, drew significant attention and participation from golf enthusiasts across the country.

The event was graced by the presence of Barry Andrews, a renowned Irish politician, who served as the chief guest for the evening. Andrews presented the prizes to the winners and commendations to the participants, highlighting the significance of cultural exchange and sportsmanship.

This year, the esteemed title of the Pakistan Ambassador Golf Cup was claimed by Dr. Azhar Syed, hailing from Cavan, who displayed exceptional skill and prowess on the course.

In the second position was Dr. Abdul Razzaq, while Mr. Usman Shaukat secured the third spot. These talented individuals showcased their golfing abilities in a competitive field of 48 players, which included both Irish and Pakistani participants.

For the first time in the history of the event, several Irish players, predominantly from the corporate sector, enthusiastically joined the tournament.

Among them were CEOs from thirteen Irish companies, who seized the opportunity to engage in friendly competition while strengthening ties between the Irish and Pakistani communities. Notably, Irish & Pakistani golfers from various cities such as Dublin, Cork, and Belfast showcased their talent.

Following the tournament, a delightful event dinner was hosted at Data Restaurant in Bray, where participants had the chance to socialize and celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship.

Despite the absence of sponsors for this year’s event, the dedicated management team expressed their determination to secure substantial sponsorship for future editions. Additionally, they plan to involve a local charity organization to benefit from the event and extend the coverage by including media representatives to capture the excitement and significance of this annual gathering.

As a symbol of appreciation for their participation, all Irish golfers were awarded participation shields and prizes in various categories, recognizing their commitment to the tournament and their contribution to fostering a sense of community among the diverse participants.

The Annual Pakistan Ambassador Golf Cup 2023 served as a platform for the Irish and Pakistani communities to come together, showcasing their shared love for the sport and creating lasting bonds. The event’s success not only emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and mutual respect but also laid the foundation for future collaborations that will continue to strengthen the friendship between these two communities in Ireland.

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