A meeting of PTI members organized by the (OPC) Overseas Pakistani Commission Austria was held at a local restaurant in Vienna

VIENNA : A meeting of PTI members organized by (OPC) Overseas Pakistan Commission Austria was held at a local restaurant in Vienna. In which a large number of members from different cities of Austria participated. The agenda of this meeting had two points.

What should be the real freedom march and our role? On this occasion, especially regarding the journalist Arshad Sharif Shaheed, Fatiha was recited and prayers for forgiveness were also performed. Speaking on this occasion, the speakers said that the sacrifices of other Pakistanis for the current situation of Pakistan are not covered by any government.

When there is instability in Pakistan. All the overseas Pakistanis are anxious. In this meeting organized by the (OPC) Overseas Pakistani Commission Austria, all the participants expressed their solidarity with Imran Khan and expressed their views that the urgent need of the hour is the rotten system prevailing in Pakistan.

For the change of the system, we all have to cooperate fully in making this real march of Imran Khan successful. The PTI families present in this meeting emphasized that they should make the party stronger and do their part in supporting this initiative of Imran Khan. On this occasion, the overseas Pakistanis declared their full support for this long march and urged to contact friends and loved ones in their own areas so that everyone can be a part of this real march.

On this occasion, the government specifically demanded the formation of an inquiry commission for journalist Arshad Sharif Shaheed as soon as possible so that it does not delay the investigation of this tragic incident so that the killers of Arshad Sharif Shaheed are exposed. More the senior leadership of PTI Austria reiterated that we will do our part to further activate PTI in Austria. At the end of the meeting, the officials of Overseas Pakistan Commission thanked the participants.

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